26 May 2010

Harris Armstrong talk at Masonry Institute !

Andrew Raimist will be presenting a seminar on Wednesday 26 May 2010 on modern architect Harris Armstrong's interest in, use of and influence on the practice of masonry construction. The event will be held at the Masonry Institute of St. Louis (MISL).

Google Map locating MISL (including address, phone number, website address, etc.):

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25 May 2010

Harris Armstrong book preview

Here's a preview of my book Harris Armstrong | Masonry.  I'll be speaking on this topic tomorrow, Wednesday 26 May 2010, at the Masonry Institute of Saint Louis (MISL).

While a full accounting of Armstrong's architecture and life is my ultimate goal, this book will fill a void in the public knowledge and understanding of his career, ideas, and impact. The focus on masonry is based on several issues:
  • Focusing Armstrong's masonry work reveals critical aspects of his architectural work. These fundamental principles are of particular interest to architects, designers, builders and the "architecturally informed public".
  • The book establishes a framework for Armstrong's progressive approach to design in the context of Saint Louis' development between the 1920s and 1960s.
  • The emphasis on masonry highlights Armstrong's key ideas to architectural design with respect to form, materials, composition and function.
  • A full accounting covering Armstrong's life and career requires a more expansive book with more pages, illustrations, text, notes, etc. Such a book is beyond presently available resources. Interest and sales of this book will go a long way toward realizing the full Armstrong monograph.
  • Examples of some of the previously unavailable material published here include:
- Student works from Ohio State University circa 1924 based upon the Beaux-Arts instructional methods current at the time.
- Family history, snapshots, sketches and other personal records revealing Armstrong's unconventional personality.
- High-quality reproductions of Armstrong renderings representing various phases and periods in his career including: graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, freehand sketches and ink with zip-a-tone.
- Photographs by the author including exhibited, published and award-winning images.
- Captivating samples of his unique styles of hand lettering are featured throughout the book.
- Samples of architectural working drawings highlight his compelling approach to design by the thoughtful juxtaposition of photographs and measured drawings.
- Many examples of unbuilt designs are presented that reflect ideas and forms incorporated into projects constructed many years or decades later.
- Images and quotations from unpublished documents such as "The Life and Death of the Rockpile" and "Building Modern Houses" by Harris & Louise Armstrong.
A self-published, print-on-demand book, Harris Armstrong | Masonry is an accessible, high-quality and reasonably priced. The book is 120 pages, 10" x 8" landscape format book on premium-weight paper with four color printing throughout.

The book will be available for purchase online or directly from the author (eliminating shipping + tax). Three binding formats are available: softcover, hardcover with dust jacket and hardcover with image-wrap (see examples):

The book costs:
  • Softcover: $ 39.95
  • Hardcover with dust jacket: $ 52.95
  • Hardcover with image wrap: $ 55.95
Proofs of the book have been received from the printer (see illustration above). Corrections are presently being made. Printed copies will be available for purchase beginning Wednesday 30 June 2010. Pre-orders made before that date (for hardcover books with dust jacket to be purchased in bulk) can be made at a reduced cost of $50.

It will be offered through the Blurb Bookstore for purchase online (with added tax and shipping charges). You will be be also be able to purchase the book directly from the author. Ordering the book in greater quantities reduces the per book charges allowing the author to sell the book directly without additional costs.

Please direct inquiries to

Andrew [dot] Raimist [at] me [dot] com.

06 May 2010

noguchi.stl • Pecha Kucha Saint Louis • Volume 3

Andrew Raimist will be giving a talk entitled "noguchi.stl" at the third Pecha Kucha held in Saint Louis on Thursday 6 May 2010 @ 7pm at Mad Art Gallery.

The presentations will all be based upon the 20 X 20 format: 20 images x 20 seconds per image.

Visit the PK•StL website for more details.

There is no cost for attending the event. All are welcome.

~ ~ ~

The slide presentation will touch upon:

• Noguchi's concepts for sculpting the earth and its connections to Native American Indian mounds.

• The critical influence of the Midwestern history, culture and landscape on Noguchi's formative years growing up in Indiana.

• Noguchi's collaboration with the New York modern architect Edward Durell Stone in developing an entry to the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Competition.

• The visceral connection between Noguchi's desire to mold the landscape and evocations of the human body represented in the earth.

• Noguchi's collaboration with Saint Louis modern architect Harris Armstrong on the iconic Magic Chef lunar landscape.

• The significant, original Noguchi plaster model for the Magic Chef ceiling in the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum.

• The impact of Noguchi's confinement at the Poston Relocation Center (for US residents and citizens of Japanese origin in 1942) upon his conception of the purpose and meaning of art, sculpture, and landscape.

01 May 2010

Map for Harris Armstrong Sappington Spur House Tour

This map indicates the homes of the Harris Armstrong house tour to be held on Sunday 2 May from 2pm to 5pm. You may wish to print out this image and bring it with you to the tour.

The house tour is a benefit for the Sheldon Art Galleries. Tickets for the tour will be available on Sunday on site. Park at the Hough School (at the corner of Sappington and Lockwood) and take the shuttle bus to Sappington Spur. Homes will be open to tour between 2 and 5pm.

You may also be interested in attending the "After Party" for "Golden Key Ticket" donors which will include limited edition photograph, slide talk by Andrew Raimist, and party at #3 Sappington Spur.