25 February 2015

American Vernacular Buildings and Interiors, 1870–1960

Talk:  “American Vernacular Buildings and Interiors, 1870–1960”

Date:  Wednesday, February 25, 6 - 7pm

Location:  Webster University, Winifred Moore Auditorium, 470 E. Lockwood

Herbert Gottfried, professor emeritus of Cornell University, will review the American vernacular building types, their history, and the forces that stimulated them. This talk will place Webster Groves within a national architectural context to consider the development of the city’s architecture and urban character over time.  The lecture series is sponsored by the Webster Groves Historic Preservation Commission and Webster University’s Department of Art, Design, and Art History.  The lecture is free and open to the public. A reception will follow.

02 January 2015

"Black People's Grand Jury"

These comments are in reference to an article published by St. Louis Public Radio regarding a program being put on this weekend in connection with #Ferguson and #MikeBrown.

I'm going to be attending this free event this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) 'Black People's Grand Jury.' I believe this event is being presented for fair-minded people who have not already made up their minds as to guilt or innocence, right or wrong. The little snippets of information we receive from the media DO NOT accurately portray the facts and details of the case. Virtually all of it has some ideological or commercial intent which skews the actual, detailed, nuanced story. If you appreciate civil discussion, then I urge you to look at this article BUT to refrain from reading the extreme, biased comments below it. They represent the worst tendencies of our culture in which we demonize others with whom we disagree. This kind of knee-jerk dehumanization is exactly the kind of problem we face as a society.

Link to story published online:


10 May 2014

Call Library: Help Save Lewis & Clark Library!

Please watch this short segment from Channel 2's "Your Paid For It" regarding the use of taxpayers money to demolish the beautiful, historic, functional Lewis & Clark Branch Library (St. Louis County). Look below for the phone number to call to let them know of your outrage at this horrible rape of our collective history and culture.

Lewis & Clark Branch Library slated for demolition.
Interior with art glass at Children's Corner.
Carol Weustoff's online petition (click to sign) to save the Lewis & Clark Library.

The brand new library, to be located closer to the street and a gas station, will be only slightly larger.

Davis interviewing Dr. Beckwith and Library Director Kristen Sorth.
Call and leave a message for Board President Lynn Beckwith at 314-994-3300.
Channel 2's Elliot Davis with "Your Paid For It" which air recently.

18 April 2014

4 Steps: Save the Lewis and Clark Library

Now is the time we need to exert maximum pressure on the St. Louis County Library's Board of Trustees.

Lewis & Clark Branch Library (Photograph copyright © 2012 Andrew Raimist).
We need an overwhelming show of support for preserving the library at the next board meeting on Monday, April 21 at 3:30pm at the Headquarters Branch of the library located at 1640 South Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63131 (map location: http://goo.gl/maps/BwwkS)

Meriwether Lewis on library facade (Photograph copyright © 2012 Andrew Raimist).
Modern STL is spearheading this preservation effort. Also on hand will be representatives of The North Saint Louis County community surrounding the library, the Society of Architectural Historians, the American Institute of Architects, Landmarks Association of Saint Louis and the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis.

Modern STL logo.
The news media including television, newspaper, internet-based, bloggers, radio and other broadcasters will be recording and sharing our overwhelming expression of support for this important piece of St. Louis cultural history.
#1 - Show up at the Board meeting Monday to show your support for saving the Lewis and Clark Library: http://bit.ly/1mjCY1E 
#2 - Sign the petition and include comments with your signature as to why the building must be preserved: http://bit.ly/1kOpnxx 
#3 - Send an email letter to St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley letting him know you the Library Board's implementation of their master plan is flawed. Their building plan should be temporarily halted (moratorium on building through December 2014) until input from each local each community where new libraries are planned to be constructed. http://bit.ly/1hTugYq 
#4 - Share this to do list with friends interested in preserving and enhancing St. Louis architecture culture. Please forward this information to as many of your contacts as possible via email, Facebook, Twitter or your preferred networking tool. Do it now!
Children's Corner with Charlie Dooley "READ" poster at lower right. (Photograph copyright © 2012 Andrew Raimist).

01 April 2014

SLCL Survey

I wrote these comments on a new survey being done by the St. Louis County Library system. Please complete the survey and tell them what you think!

"I find the library's plan to demolish and rebuild perfectly functional buildings to be a waste of resources. In particular, I am appalled that the library would even consider demolishing the most beautiful, most historic branch in the entire system: the Lewis & Clark Branch Library!! Doing so would be to destroy an important part of our heritage. Please renovate and add an amazing addition! Please use the money saved for special programs to connect to children and adults in the community! Fiber optics to schools. Laptops or iPads for loan. Technology center! Creative work-spaces (music, web design, art, digital media, etc.). Make this branch the showcase of the entire system to truly demonstrate that north St. Louis County deserves an amazing, state-of-the-art facility that respects and honors its history! There's no reason to waste money on foundations, structure, HVAC, roofing, etc. instead, build on what is already great about the building! Commission new art for the new entrance!"

Please take this survey and tell the Library what you think: